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The UKOA is working with NHS Supply Chain, who run the national category tower for ophthalmology, that is the new national hub for NHS supplies, and with GIRFT, to drive more consistency and reduced costs for providers when purchasing ophthalmic supplies. This joint work also aims to establish better national systems to allow procurement on the basis of real world outcomes, and to support more streamlined and safer introduction of innovative drugs and devices. We believe this work has the potential to save millions of pounds nationally for NHS ophthalmology units.

Currently, when units purchase supplies, whether devices, instrument sets, IOLs or procedure packs, there is no certainty as to whether this is the best in terms of safety, efficiency and waste, nor  whether units are achieving value for money. The UKOA is working with units and stakeholders to support standardisation of equipment, more transparent costs, and safer more cost effective purchasing based on quality and expert clinical professional views.

The UKOA wants to help your unit work with NHS Supply Chain to work out your current costs, how that compares with other units’ costs and how much money you can save if you purchase packs with similar contents to other trusts or from national catalogues. All member units can sign a letter of authorisation allowing us to obtain and benchmark your ophthalmology spend and advise you on cost saving opportunities. We are currently analysing the spend of some of our founder members and will be in touch soon with those members to outline their opportunities for better procurement.

We have agreed two standardised intravitreal packs, one with a drape and one without. This should in due course be available  nationally. We will also advise whether use of the national packs would be cost effective for you – and there is NO obligation to purchase or change your suppliers. We are also working on standardised packs for other procedures.

Please email us to find out how you can benchmark your ophthalmic spend and have access to the opportunity to purchase the new packs.

See also our Cataract Worksteam for more information about cataract and IOL procurement.

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