Patient Standards

We are delighted to share with you the UKOA Patient Standard for Ophthalmology.

For the first time in the UK there are national standards specifically for patients with sight problems and eye conditions which is now available for all ophthalmology units to adopt and utilise. This was co-developed with the RNIB and patients, and incorporates all major published national evidence and standards specific for eye care which are most important to patients. We have shared this with all UK hospital eye units and encourage all eye units to assess and audit their services against these standards.

To accompany this, we have developed a Patient Survey with the RNIB, an easy to use patient questionnaire which will capture patient feedback on the areas of the UKOA / RNIB standard which patients have told us is most important to them. We are hoping to attempt a national snapshot survey of all UK eye units using this tool in partnership with the RNIB over this year.

Patient Standards Survey Form

We are now working with the RNIB on updating their ECLO Framework and have fed back to them UKOA members views and feedback. If you would like to comment on the draft ECLO Framework, get in touch with us by email on

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