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Following the release of the 2017 NICE guidance on cataract surgery in adults, and in support of the HSIB national safety investigation into wrong IOL Never Events, the UKOA and the RCOphth jointly published the first detailed guidance to prevent wrong lens events:

Correct IOL implantation in cataract surgery quality standard >

There are  many different makes and models of IOL used in the NHS. Some brands are market leaders bought in high volumes and some are bought in small quantities. There are numerous features of IOLs which are claimed to provide superior usability and outcomes but it can be confusing to be sure which IOLs are the best, the safest and the most cost effective. The UKOA Cataract Expert Working Group together with GIRFT and the NHS Supply Chain are working to establish national systems to monitor real world outcomes for different lenses and to support trusts to analyse what are the best purchasing models to get the most effective lenses at the best prices.

As part of this work, the UKOA has produced a guide to how to approach choosing a standard IOL for your unit:

How to choose an IOL for your unit – an informal guide 2018

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