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A key part of caring effectively for patients with chronic diseases such as glaucoma is to ensure good education and support for patients. Without this, compliance with treatment can be poor and patients may do less well. The International Glaucoma Association, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital have all developed separate and very active programmes and tools to support glaucoma patients. The three organisations are working with the UKOA members to try and pull all these good resources together, along with recommendations from national glaucoma guidance, into a consistent package, and to support staff in other units to deliver this locally. We hope to undertake some research to demonstrate improvement by instigating these interventions, to support rolling them out widely.

So far, we have developed the following documents for staff and patients in glaucoma clinics:

We have a simple checklist to allow patients and staff to ensure that patients have been given all the required key information on glaucoma, as recommended by bodies such as NICE and the RCOphth. We have also put together a simple assessment form which either patients can complete themselves or staff can use to ask the patients questions, to identify those patients who are struggling to use their drops as prescribed, and to find out why; then the right patients can be targeted to receive extra support e.g. drop technique training, education on importance of compliance, or drop aids.

UKOA Glaucoma: Patient drop assessment>
UKOA Glaucoma: Supporting Patients Checklist>

We have also produced some leaflets on key areas:

Patient Leaflet – Glaucoma

Patient Leaflet – Glaucoma Drops

We have also with the two hospitals and the IGA, drafted a Glaucoma Patient Standard, pulling together all the important patient focused standards from national guidance as well as key issues for patients. We are working to finalise this with the IGA and would welcome any comments or suggestions for changes:

Draft Glaucoma Patient Standard – Patient Friendly Language Version

See also the many leaflets from the IGA available on their website

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