Eyefficiency – how to benchmark and improve theatre and injection productivity

There are ever increasing demands to be more efficient in high volume lists such as cataract surgery and intravitreal injections. There is good guidance from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists on how to improve productivity in theatres, and soon the Ophthalmology GIRFT report should be released with more information on how some units achieve greater numbers. Units can have many different factors which can affect their numbers, such as more complex patients or great requirements to train surgeons and there has been no way to factor this in when comparing numbers to other units.

Eyefficiency is a phone app originally developed by the RCOphth Sustainability Working Group funded by a World Bank research grant to compare carbon waste in eye theatres across the globe. The UKOA has obtained funding to create an “NHS version” which provides a free phone app to collect key timings and productivity in phaco and intravitreal lists on any phone, along with key factors such as recognised patient complexity issues, training demands, staffing levels and complications. This will then feed into a web-based report which can benchmark your unit’s performance against any unit, or against units with similar training and complexity issues. It will show you where the time goes with tips for how to improve – and if you want your carbon footprint too!

The Eyefficiency app can be downloaded from the app store on any mobile phone and used to give a simple report on your lists. The new NHS version for cataract and intravitreal injections with web based reporting should be available this summer.

Please see below YouTube video which shows you how to register, enter and assess data using the Eyefficiency tool:

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