The Eyes Have It – Laying foundations for future eye health in England

Over the last three years, The Eyes Have It has been at the forefront of efforts to advocate for improvements to the experiences and outcomes of people living with eye health conditions. By shining a spotlight on eye health, the capacity challenges within the system and the barriers facing patients trying to access care, they have helped to move sight loss up the parliamentary agenda and make progress towards a new approach to eye health.

The Eyes Have It is a partnership of Macular Society, Fight for Sight / Vision Foundation, RNIB, Association
of Optometrists, The Royal College of Ophthalmologists and Roche Products Ltd.

The Eyes have It Report, published in December 2023 provides the foundations for a call for a national eye care plan for England. Based on expertise, insight and knowledge from across the eye health sector, it sets out critical evidence of the key issues facing people affected by sight loss and, most importantly, the actions policymakers can take to overcome them by providing recommendations across 7 key areas.

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