Joining the Alliance – FAQs

Who can join the Alliance?

Any NHS organisation providing secondary care ophthalmology within the UK can apply. Other organisations involved in ophthalmology such as professional bodies, patient groups and charities can apply and will be considered on a case by case basis.

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Membership and how to join the UK Ophthalmology Alliance?

An annual membership fee of £800 for member organisations/trusts has been introduced from 1st April 2022. Membership fee is regularly under review to offer value for services provided. If your organisation wishes to join the alliance please gain your CEO approval before applying to join the Alliance. Once you have done so you can simply apply to join on the website or you can email at Once an application is approved we will invoice the organisation/trust for this fee on an annual basis.

Once your organisation/trust is approved for membership any of your trust colleagues can sign up to ‘join the alliance’ in the same way. There is only one membership fee for the organisation itself and not on an individual basis.

What are the benefits of joining the Alliance?

  • Participation in developing best practice guidelines in ophthalmology
  • Access to developing standards and best practice guidance documentation
  • Work collaboratively with clinical leads and key stakeholders across the UK
  • Be at the forefront of innovations in ophthalmology
  • Access to ‘Members Only’ area of the UKOA website
  • Attendance and participation at key strategic events, training and Sharing Best Practice workshops

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