UKOA Quarterly Meeting – 6th December 2018

UKOA colleagues,

We had a well-attended and lively meeting yesterday and have attached the slides which you can look at for any details. We discussed a UKOA cataract efficiency tool now being developed to clearly benchmark your list productivity accounting for training and case complexity. You can let us know now how you would like that to provide a report. We also heard about a commercial AI software system which learns from your trust data to optimise list use. We discussed training and how to develop extended role working for non-medics. We discussed the new ECLO framework and UKOA will help to update and then promote it. We also outlined conclusions about our strategy and plan if work for the next year.

We need you to:

  1. SHARE OUR RESOURCES: Tell your trust colleagues about our work, encourage them to register as members on our website, use our resources and join workstreams.
  2. PROCUREMENT: *We need your suppliers data to understand national purchasing models. Please return your letters of authorisation (link below) if you have not. It can be signed by anyone in a position to agree to share data with NHS Supply Chain e.g. clinical lead, procurement lead, theatre lead or manager. Your data will be confidential.
  3. EXTENDED ROLES SURVEY: *Complete the non-medical staff extended roles survey which was sent to all trusts via the lead orthoptists (link below)
  4. INTRAVITREAL POLICY: Share the attached draft intravitreal policy and guidelines (link below) for non-medical intravitreal injections with relevant staff and provide feedback to us. It would be made available for trusts to edit for local use if helpful.
  5. PHACO PACK SPECIFICATION: *Discuss the attached national phaco pack specification with your cataract surgeons and theatre staff. Would you use it? Is anything missing or wrong? We will then go out to tender as with the intravitreal packs
  6. RNIB PUBLICATION: ECLO Quality Framework Review the DRAFT and send us any feedback by email (link below).
  7. REGIONAL SHARING BEST PRACTICE EVENTS: Consider inviting us to work with your local GIRFT  hub to hold a regional meeting for you and surrounding trusts to support you to tackle your particular issues.

 As  always get in touch if any queries or suggestions at

You can view all details of the event below;



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