UKOA National Meeting: After COVID – Looking to Recovery and Beyond – Wednesday 14th April 2021

Thank you for your attendance at our UKOA Meeting on Wednesday 14th April 21!

This meeting focussed on moving beyond the lockdown to recovery and transformation. We heard about the restart of the new expanded NHSEI eye transformation programme, the various new workstreams which aim to tackle long standing barriers such as digital connectivity, workforce, commissioning and finance. We also discovered more about the so-called “digital methodology” led by NHSX as part of the programme, in which a bottom up, agile and user centred approach moves beyond recovery to develop truly transformative change.

Everyone is seeking to understand how to bring primary care optometrists into the eye care pathways to create capacity and reduce unnecessary hospital attendances. Whilst we await novel commissioning solutions from the national programme, we heard from colleagues about how hospital eye services can work better with primary care optometrists within the current commissioning arrangements. A number of members were in in touch about concerns on the medico-legal implications if patients have been harmed from delays or decisions made to manage the pandemic situation. We heard expert colleagues on how to understand and manage this risk. Finally, we heard a quick update on the UKOA financial situation, new terms of reference and future plans.

Please find the > UKOA Terms of Reference for 2021- 2022 here and provide any comments by Wednesday 12th May as mentioned in the UKOA meeting.

Please find speaker slides & a video recording of our national meeting below:


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