UKOA Meeting: Maintaining High Efficiency Ophthalmic Services during COVID-19 – Friday 11th December 2020

UKOA Members,

Thank you for your attendance at our UKOA Meeting on Friday 11th December 2020!

In this meeting we brought together colleagues from the GIRFT programme and London elective surgical hub project, to examine how they have driven significant change to the way cataract surgery is delivered across the whole of London. We heard from some of the eye units involved in delivering these pathways and also looked at how cataract surgical delivery is changing in other areas of the country in response to COVID-19.

We also caught up on progress of the NHS England and Improvement Eye Care Restoration and Transformation Programme and gathered feedback on the draft terms of reference of the UKOA following on from the session at the last meeting about how members want the UKOA to function now and in the future.

Please see speaker slides below:

London Elective Surgery Recovery and Transformation Programme – Alison Davis & Amanda Quincey >

Anaesthetists and High Volume Cataract Hubs – Michael Swart & Chris Snowden > 

Cataract Pathway Deconstructed – Steven Harsum >

Bristol – The Journey to Efficient Elective Cataract Lists – Johannes Keller >

The Croydon Cataract Hub – William Tucker (awaiting slide deck) > 

Moorfields – The Cataract Drive – Louisa Wickham & Merel Reinink >

Transforming NHS Outpatient Care – Guy Mole >

We look forward to our next UKOA meeting in March 2021.

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