UKOA National Meeting: 8 June 2022

Please find the link to the slides from the day here:


Solving the big challenges together:

Backlogs, digital, paeds and urgent care

8th June 2022 10:00 – 15:00


  • The first UKOA face to face Meeting for over 2 years took place last week.
  • It was great to meet some of you again and the meeting included some excellent presentations and also some great group discussions.
  • We welcomed David Clarke and Rob Cooper from RNIB who gave an inspiring overview of RNIB’s future strategy.

UKOA Future Discussed

  • Alongside the presentations and discussions we also talked about the next steps for the UKOA.
  • UKOA hosting has now moved from RNOH and we are delighted to confirm that RNIB will now be the new hosts of UKOA.
  • We agreed that we would establish a series of virtual meetings every 2 months for members and a face to face meeting every 6 months.
  • We agreed that we would book in meetings for the next 12 months  – so members have plenty of notice to attend.
  • A calendar of events will appear shortly on our website and invites will be issued for the next 12 months.
  • We also discussed the importance of member organisations contributing to the running costs of the UKOA.
  • This year’s annual member fee is just £800 per Trust. This fee allows member organisations full access to our website and all our resources. Also, each member organisation can send as many staff as they wish along to our meetings (including our face to face meetings).
  • Letters will be going out soon requesting payment (we will notify you all when these are issued).
  • We would appreciate your support in please encouraging your organisation to ensure member fees are paid.




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