UKOA National Meeting 4th November 2022

4th November 12:30 – 14:00

IT Systems to Support Ophthalmology

Via Microsoft Teams

Thank you for your attendance at our UKOA Meeting on 4th November.

We were delighted to invite our UKOA members to this virtual lunchtime meeting.

The session focused on IT systems to support Ophthalmology and we heard from Peter Thomas who gave an update on IT and digital development within the NHS England national programme.  We then heard from Esther Rainbow who shared Manchester Foundation Trust’s recent experience of implementing a new Electronic Patient Record system and from Jane Grey who discussed the development of an Ophthalmology PACS within the Trust. Finally Sunil Mamotra presented on improving the quality of referrals to eye casualty using a smartphone lens attachment.

A special thanks to all our presenters for a really interesting and informative session and we thank all our UKOA members for joining the meeting and engaging in the discussion.

Here is a link to the presentations:

UKOA Full Slides November 4th 22


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