UKOA National Meeting 14th December 2022

Thank you for your attendance at our UKOA Meeting on 14th December.

We were delighted to invite our UKOA members to this virtual meeting.

The meeting shared the experiences of the Paediatric Ophthalmology department at The Royal London Hospital who have adopted a child-centred approach for over a decade.   They described how they have upskilled Allied Health Professionals so that they can offer optimal care within a variety of clinics that are tailored to the child’s needs.  This has allowed the ophthalmologists to focus their expertise on complex cases and to be able to have the availability to provide elective care.

A special thanks to all our presenters for a really interesting and informative session and we thank all our UKOA members for joining the meeting and engaging in the discussion.

Here is a link to the presentations:

Final UKOA


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